Each of us manifests our reality based on the beliefs we carry. Often difficult experiences in our lives reflect an internal struggle. Internal distress can bring physical symptoms which create further difficult feelings. There is clinical evidence for the impact of stress, for example, on all bodily systems and functions.


Self-awareness can help you to release negative patterns which may be keeping you in an imbalanced state. Such patterns can be replaced by new, positive and healthful patterns to bring about a more fulfilling life.

My role as a transformational mentor is to support you to become self-aware by guiding you to think more deeply about your situation and the patterns which may be present.


I like to use dream interpretation to help me understand what might unconsciously be going on for you.


Clients often tell me it is helpful to simply have a trusted sounding board to help bring about faster results by showing situations in a new light and by providing new strategies and ideas.

If you're at a turning point in life and are looking for a listening ear, a fresh perspective and an added dose of enthusiasm to help you on the path to your dream life, do get in touch.

Let's work together to transform your life!

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